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Committee Members

Bryan Gallinger
Ashkan Tabibnia
Brian Smith
Greg Reid
Jeff Hoffman
Marco Derhy
Sam Hoss
David Stern
Seline Elin

Committee Chair Bryan Gallinger is an Entrepreneur, Producer, Consultant, Musician, TV Host, Public Speaker and Volunteer. Dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and elevating others throughout his journey. Bryan has developed over 25 small businesses and has helped over 50 brands develop their companies as a business consultant. Due to his passion for helping others, he has volunteered for over 10 nonprofit organizations and currently serves as the Marketing Director for a nonprofit that rescues children who are missing, have been abused or sex-trafficked.

Committee Co-Chair Seline Elin is the founder of De La Vina LLC, which focuses on real estate and hospitality development. She is also owner/Founder of De La Vina Inn, nestled in downtown Santa Barbara, a historic Inn retreat for family, corporate, personal getaways and special events! De La Vina LLC/ De La Vina Inn is a sponsor of causes such as underprivileged children and education needs.

Dale Godboldo

David Lockhart

Ed MacLaughlin

Allen Cardoza

Dupe Aleru

Lydie Tchouangang Livolsi

Erman Baradi

Michele A. Wilson

Chantelle Simone

Ali Berger

Andrew J. Peden

Laurel Fogle

Suzanna Weslien

Dionne Flora


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