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Presentation Coaching Package

Presentation Coaching Package

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Stage presence doesn’t come naturally for most, especially if you haven’t done it before. Judges and audiences are only human, so avoid being judged by your stage presence. But, can you afford not to be in front of a large audience or face the opportunity of a lifetime? Do not take the risk of being unprepared.

City Summit offers you access to the best coach in our network. Meet Lynn Rose. Even if you think you’ve tried everything and nothing worked before, NO ONE is a hopeless case no matter what level. Even if you’re already rockin’ it out there, you still want that leading edge. Lynn is the secret sauce to give that to you!

  • Remotely 4x 1/2 hour ONE on ONE Accelerator POWER To WOW Sessions with Lynn Rose (Broken into whatever combined timeframes that best suits you.) Alternatively: LIVE 2 Day WOW training happening Jan 11th-12th in Marina del Rey, CA!
  • Lynn will work with you on your speaking delivery.
  • Lynn will work with your presence, freeing yourself up so you ROCK it no matter what. Your conviction, your passion, your ability to play with what you say and how you flow for the highest impact.
  • She will also assist you in the most compelling messaging and help tweak or amplify your pitch so it stands out if you desire.
  • This is PRICELESS, as just this ONE important shift in the power of how you show up, convince, compel and convert makes all the difference in your results.
  • ACCESS TO LYNN’S PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP COMMUNITY of HIGH-END BUSINESS LEADERS and ENTREPRENEURS - WOW YOUR BIZ FB GROUP is just for Lynn’s High-End Clients. Here you’ll receive ongoing support and resources as needed and desired, during and beyond working with Lynn, while getting to interconnect with other high-end leaders like yourself in this exclusive arena. Discounted coaching programs before the event (see below about the coaching)
  • Surprise Prize (To be unveiled on the evening of City Gala.)